Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, CONFIRMED AGAIN! : Game News

The not-so-secret rerelease of MvC2, is now confirmed and headed to the PS3 and 360. I think I'm still bummed by how it's priced at USD 15, but I'm still a littl bit psyched by how this old goodness of gaming that has probably aged almost a decade is still being fought competitively in tournaments and so on that it was just begging for a rerelease on home consoles. It'll come to you this summer while the PS3 guys will get their goodness in a demo Thursday this week.

So, Capcom, start talking to Activision and Marvel again. We need the 3rd one, now.

PS: Summer 2009... Wow, Capcom is going up against Blazblue and KOF XII. Interesting. I wonder who'll win this summer? :D

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