Sunday, April 05, 2009

A new Drunken Master: Movie Ideas

Just last year, we've been given a blessing in Martial Arts movies. Ip Man was released, and to raving reviews. Actually, as per title, I've been at this idea for a very long time. And I think it makes good sense that this idea comes back to us.

the last time I watched something recent on the Drunken Fist, is on The Forbidden Kingdom. And that was quite long already. Worst, that movie wasn't anywhere good except for Jet Li and Jackie Chan's fight scene. That's the only redeeming quality of the whole movie. So, why not bring in a new Drunken Fist martial movie while we're looking at it?

There are 2 ways I believe its possible, and there should be no interference from Hollywood. None whatsoever. To begin with, you can bring back something from the old days, and it is still possible. Audiences haven't gotten rusty from the old movie type genres, and Ip Man is a good example. So yeah, old props, old wine cups, Chinese clothings, all would still work.

Another way, is a new age version. In fact, there are many types of martial arts movies that can still be exploited and used for a new age setting. Perhaps a master stuck in a bar with no life attached to him and someone just eager to learn had just stumbled onto him. OK, bad way of screenplay over there, but there are many ways i believe this is possible. Movies such as Legendary Assassin can show that even at an old setting (I believe during the early 2000s) it is still possible to bring something new to this century.

So yes, there are various types and ways that new martial art movies can still be implemented, and there is a heaping supply of martial artists ready at disposable. So, movie industry, surprise us. Honestly. Bring something new while i daydream about the next Metal Musical featuring Jack Black again. Yes, I want a new one with Tenacious D in it. Thank you.

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