Thursday, April 02, 2009

A matter of mispricing, or damn good deal?

Recently, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was just released. And that was 2 weeks ago. With that launch, reviews have been touting this game as no less than what GTA 4 has presented. And it has worked wonders too in sales (my side also). But weirdly, something has been bugging me a lot, and that is actually the price. So, at retail, my price is RM120. Elsewhere, it is sold at RM140 or RM145. So here's the question, is there a mispricing, or Rockstar just decided that this was a damn good deal?

Perhaps, we should analyze a few factors. For starters, the copies I'm selling, are made only for sale in ASIA. It can be seen at the back of the cover. So if we compare being sold in Asia, and being sold in the states, I think that we are getting an opportunity of a lifetime with the cheapness. Besides, its a GTA game at a ridiculous price of RM120, even if it is for the DS. At the states, it is true that the game is being sold at USD 40 (140 sumthing2 in Ringgit). So, we got upper hand here.

Another thing to gawk at is competing rival Square Enix are also selling their games at similar USD. But when it comes here, the price would be RM160, 20 bucks premium. So, what the hell happened here?

I am actually hoping that there is a similar trend going on later for DS gamers. Heck, even Wii gamers too. My recent copy of Guitar Hero Metallica for the Wii is at a killer RM166. Honestly, that is much cheaper than the copies you're getting from Play-Asia. If this is very similar to how cheap it is between a PS3 R1 and R3 region of a game, then I am praying my very best that this does come true, and in the end hopes to fuel more sales from gamers passionate in buying original titles. Honestly, this is a deal you can't miss.

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