Monday, February 28, 2011

Black Swan: Movie Review

Creepy, Brutal, Honest, and most of all, REAL. This is Black Swan. Humanity's most depressing and most utterly real depiction of insanity and how far the human capacity can take you. And for such a dark, depressing, horrifyingly splendid story to be told by Natalie Portman under the helm of Darren Aronofsky (I thank you sir for giving me The Wrestler. Truly I do), this is not something you want to miss.

Nina Sayers is proficient in ballet. She works in a theatrical company that gave her a shot as the Swan Queen of a play called Swan Lake. But the story is a dark one. A princess was cursed into a White Swan and only true love's kiss can break the spell. However, her identical twin Black Swan seduces the prince who will never be with her anymore. And so, she kills herself. While that is the play, Nina's story is somewhat more, psychotic and truly gripping. This is the story of one who strives for perfection, and at the worst part, gets it.

I think Darren has really done, again, another fantastic job. Hot of the heels from the Wrestler and backed by an awesome Mickey Rourke, its a like a guy project that now turns into a girl project, and with such finesse displayed. Shots are amazing, creepy, haunting, and wonderful while the script is so simple that it does not need any convolution inside.

And I think Natalie Portman's performance has been spoken to death. But if you were to ask me, something does not feel right. Perhaps its a little feeling that I wanted more out of her (Like Nicole Kidman for Rabbit Hole instead) but this is still an Oscar worthy nominee performance. Truly something you do not want to miss.

Aside from how I wanted Natalie to do a lot more in this movie, it seems to be my only gripe. Much of Nina's relationship with her mother is not fully explained but if you were to take it plainly, there's much to expand. There's a lot more that could be told.

And now, to the SPOILERS PART.

Truly, this is how we all strive to be in our perfectionist mode. And it does not help when you have a psychotic tendency to meddle yourself in schizophrenia. But everything about the movie has been explained since the beginning: In order to be perfect, you must let yourself go. Which is why exactly it was correct for her to want the part of White and Black Swan together that she ended, by stabbing herself. Only when she realized who she had stabbed in the first place that she decided (yes, DECIDED) to bleed. The human brain is much powerful than you can expect for sure.

Now through the journey you will be greeted by how evil we all are. In order to gain something, we lose something. The best part was how Thomas displayed such a wonderful display of wanting Nina that bad but he was actually trying to make Nina lose herself. That was wonderful. Such trickery that the audience wants to know what have they been lied to. I hate to say it, but this is really where sex played such a huge role, that it worked. And I oppose having sex scenes in movies since they can always find another way to do this.

To me, I laughed because I understood. And that's creepy. Because how far we are willing to go for human perfection without even being called or labelled as evil to others is what all of us has inside. the idea has always been to acknowledge that we are our own worst enemy. And it is something neither of us are willing to change with.

Kyo's Score: 9.5/10. When bars are raised, so is the score. This would've been perfect if it was me reviewing a few years back though.

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