Sunday, August 31, 2008

Break Time!

In conjunction with Ramadhan, RaRiRuReRo will be taking a break for the month's period. I will be helping out my father with daily work. I would like to wish all my readers happy fasting.

I will be coming back to write on Bangkok Dangerous and Tropic Thunder. September might not have much to look forward to, but don't forget to catch Mamma Mia! and Money No Enough 2. Seems to have a good amount of praise to it.

So to all, have a great day! :D


pinkrain said...

aww.. we gona miss u.


Pure Raver said...

Aww... I'm gonna miss u too... :D


Nicholas Leong said...

Get a room you two! :P

Happy Berbuka everyday for the next month :)

Pure Raver said...

Wtf??? :p

Thanks dude. have a great september! :D