Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wall E: Movie Review

Wow! Pixar just made a love movie! No kidding. This is actually beyond the stereotype family fun oriented movie. But still, this one isn't so far from being a family fun oriented movie, but the romance in this movie makes it so worth it that it stands higher above other Pixar movies.

Wall E is a robot that was built to clean up man's biggest problem and issue, garbage. The Earth became a place that was so full of garbage, from 1 big company that people escaped from them, 700 years ago, leaving the job to Wall E's. That is, until 1 left. This Wall E only has 1 cockroach as a friend, and lived a very lonely life. Wait, robots know loneliness? Owh they do. And Wall E, is yearning for love. That was, until came Eve, a super highly sophisticated robot looking for plant life in Earth. And Wall E knows, his journey to find love, just got much bigger.

From Pixar, the humans who gave you The Incredibles and Rattatouille, they have not dissapointed at all. I must say The Incredibles was very fun, but Wall E proves that it can pull off so many fun and laughter out of us that it made things truly great. The animation is top notch, and once again, the detail is beautiful, something that Blu Ray nuts would love to watch. Since the scenes were computer generated, lets move to the story then.

It was a little slow. When I was about to just say "Ah this is..." it then brought life back up to the movie. This is the only problem with the movie. Nothing else really. The voice acting brought the character's to life with emotions. And the romance is truly something to behold. This is actually a typical love movie where boy meets girl. Or... lets say its robot meet robot. But because of that, it's not typical anymore. It's different. Way different.

Props to Pixar once more for this animation. It's truly great once things throttle up til the last scene. And you wouldn't feel that regret of paying the money for it. Well, nuff said for me. What else are you doing here for? go on! :D

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