Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back To Love: Music Review

If you've been to Rock Corner recently, chances are you might have noticed that they are exclusively and currently selling an album entitled Back To Love In Bossa Moments. Either it's played or displayed, you'll find it hard to ignore the songs in this album.

It's a 16 track album boasting from some of the latest and all time greatest hits, but in bossa moments. Tracks range from You're Beautiful, originally by James Blunt, Don't Stop The Music, originally by Rihanna and even to Fly Me To The Moon, originally by Frank Sinatra, and also Burt Bacharach/ Aretha Franklin's I Say A Little Prayer For You. At a price of RM44 90, I think this is hard to miss, especially to fans of the Bossa genre.

I love this album. In fact, the moment I listened to the songs, I was amazed by the arangements and the tunes linked to it. Imagine that you could make Don't Stop The Music into something really soothing and felt a little bit funky to it, on par with Rihanna's own original. It's not surprising that this sort of compilation has done before, but the tunes selected were great nonetheless. Even the playlist was managed accordingly and personally defines how latest hits could even become so soothing to the ear, and perhaps for some made even better. Personal favourites for me would be You're Beautiful, Fly me to The Moon, Just The Way You Are, and Bleeding Love.

The album is exclusively available only at Rock Corner, For fans of Bossa, go ahead and pick it up. For those who like to cruise into soothing tunes reading your favourite books or enjoying your favourite cruise, don't give this a miss. It'll soothe your days away.

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