Sunday, August 17, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Movie Review

The link in the poster here would direct you to a blog written by Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) on how he hates his girlfriend of 5 years, Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell) for breaking up with him and leaving him for mega rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Peter then decides to go to Hawaii to relieve things off and met Rachel Jansen (Mila Kunis). Funny thing though, Sarah is also at the same hotel, along with Aldous.

The marketing is charming. In fact, find a comment in Sarah Marshall's blog that actually had a cool comment from Jason Segel. Now, many may not know him, but he's been a great actor in How I Met Your Mother and I admire wholly on his acting skills. This is no different. He's great, along with all the other casts. The storyline however was a little tad typical. It's probably another "we-know-the-ending" type of story. But the real deal here is, 1 big problem that truly hampers this movie from being great from where I watch it. Specifically, where I watch it. Other thing else, it's a fun typical love movie.

There were 2 choices with this movie, censor it probably or don't show it at all. The thing is, the board didn't do so. It totally pissed me off when watching this movie. Honest. I'd be fine if it wasn't here at all. But here, in a very unprofessional way of censoring things, they did go on with it. And the best part, it wasn't even properly done. I could see nipples dammit.

The jokes were lewd and dirty. Very. In fact, I was hopelessly sitting in a room where people didn't really understand them. I could hear my echo of my own laughs, and people hardly understood. A few of the audiences next to me and behind me did understand most of it. I don't mind people don't laugh at the jokes, but hey, it's life.

I wouldn't really recommend taking this movie to the cinemas. That is only because of the unprofessionalism. That's it. Otherwise, for a fun and dirty movie, it's fine really. An Ok movie at it's best due to it's typical nature. So, Forget Sarah Marshall at the movies. But do rent her. :P

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