Thursday, August 21, 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan: Movie Review

Should you mess with him? Not really. And when I say that, I do really mean not really. It's basically Adam Sandler once more in a movie. The thing with Adam Sandler, is he is ridiculously funny in his movies, but his aren't any milestones to achieve about. Yet, if you're looking for a good amount of laugh, this one is still good either way.

Zohan is sick of his life as a counter terrorist for Israel. The thing here is, he not only wants to quit, but wants to work with Paul Mitchell as a hair stylist. better yet, he even keeps a book of Paul Mitchell's hair styles and decides to do the avalon on himself after he fakes his death. Taking the name of Scrappy Coco, he doesn't make it to become Paul Mitchell's stylist, yet for a small town beauty salon owned by Dalia (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Not only does Scrappy Coco gives hair styling, but also.. some... extra... services, purely sexual to his old customers. But soon, people know who he is and things start ugly. Not to mention a guy named Waldbridge who wants to destroy the community and make a mall out of it. Will Zohan prevail?

The movie is a little uneven at times. Certain parts of it looks too serious, but certain parts truly blows your head off. It's nicely scripted if I may. And the main message serves to be there. Why do we need to have a war? Lets all live in peace. Why not? The acting is fine and ok, just the pacing is a little uneven that dampens things and makes us feel hard to catch sometimes.

If you adore Adam Sandler, this is a great movie for you. Otherwise, I'd rather you go for something like Forgetting Sarah Marshall instead. But definitely not in the cinemas. With this slapstick comedy, you'd know this movie to give good amount of fun to you. He'll definitely blow you away.

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