Monday, December 08, 2008

Wushu: The Young Generation: Movie Review

When you look at a Martial Arts movie, the first thing that comes into your head would be glorious coordinated fight scenes that transcends boundaries. So, what if you looked at Wushu: The Young Generation instead? Same idea, but not for me, as I understood what it was going to be. The problem is, the weak story and horrible directing does not make up for how the Wushu scenes make up to.

The story revolves around Li Yi and Li Er, 2 children that were raised to be great in the Art. They go to school and meet new friends and grow up together to compete in the National Wushu competition. Then, a villain pops in as a man who loves to kidnap children and ship them to various places. They meet, trouble ensues.

As I said, the story is a little bland and weak. The direction is worst. The young lads and lass were not that good in fact. But at least I know Sammo Hung is still in top form. He was more than redeeming. Most shots were not placed, and the scripting was also bad (Does a young lady ignore what an older man says to her? No, that does not happen when that man asks her if she wants to eat with his family and just becomes selfish. Bad move).

At least I'm happy to see Sammo Hung. Really. He has some fight scenes with him, and it was awesome to see him fight again. Who says age has taken away his agility and strength? :D

I don't recommend this movie. Really. Not if you're looking at at the story, or thinking that this is filled with fight scenes. But you should if you wanna see Sammo Hung and appreciate the art of Wushu. Now, back to the drawing boards and then go practice somemore. :)

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