Monday, December 29, 2008

Bedtime Stories: Movie Review

If the stories tell you told came to life, what would you tell? If you were Adam Sandler, you'd want a Ferrari and 100 million bucks. Sadly, that didn't really happen for him, but his stories, did came to life, in miraculous ways, that it definitely was fun, despite some flawed scenes.

Skeeter Bronson (Adam Sandler) works as a janitor, or maybe more precise as a man who fixes a whole lot. So he's been given a duty by his sister (Hey Courtney Cox...) to babysit her kids. And based on how his old man loved to tell bedtime stories, so did he do so to the children. The coolest part was, they came true, in reality form. Now, he's supposed to be managing the hotel, but he isn't. But he got that shot all because of his story. Question is, can he get it?

Obviously another Adam Sandler movie means, more goofy and funny crap thrown at your face. But, this movie has a little family touch to it. So, children and adults alike would love the story and the scenes. I watched this with my GF and her bigger sister. And we had fun laughing at the movie.

The raining gumball scene was a flawed one if you can notice it. And then the later part another scene makes some odd choices on how to progress the story. The cool thing about this movie is how imaginative you can see the children can be, and then the story itself gets applied in reality context. That was actually a very cool way and also shows how stories and reality can end in a happy note.

The reality is harsh, that's for sure. But this movie succeeds in showing how reality can also help you understand that life is still happy if you can make it happy. Recommended for the family and the kids, this will make the adults feel like children once more, and the kids will just keep laughing. Enjoy. :)

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