Monday, December 29, 2008

Rambo: Arcade Hands On

You won't understand what that poster is saying, but that arcade cabinet would damn well tell you that it's a Rambo game where you are John Rambo, the real lone soldier who killed too many damn soldiers during his missions. This is the real Solid Snake or Big Boss. And I lived for a few rounds to tell you what this is all about in the brief hands on.

The game takes you in various flicks showing clips from all 3 Rambo moives (Not including the latest one seen last year). Those clips would progress for you to play certain parts in the movie. And boy does it feel great.

The game employs Red Rambo and Blue Rambo. Either way, you are a badass. The Rage System gives Rambo a boost of invincibility when the meter is full and increased firing range and power when activated anytime during the game. You collect the power in the meter by doing speedy shots, multiple shots and headshots (Classed as Fast, Crack, and Heroic). And the power is really useful during the boss fights and during any part of the game when you feel as awesome as hell.

Certain times, you will be involved and prompted to do certain actions in the game. These segments employ precise accuracy on the shooting mechanics, as this is the part where I really loved a whole lot. If you've ever played the Call of Duty series, the zoom look would be familiar to you. Do it in this game (provided if the cabinet uses the Lindbergh system with the MP5 type of the gun.). You will be surprised how accurate it is. It works best when you need to use Rambo's Bow. And those scenes are also awesome.

My only gripe I'm thinking would be the soundtrack. Somehow, the Hip Hop beat doesn't really match that much. But still, I felt like a badass anyway by the gunshots.

I played this game until the 2nd Round, during the flashback for the scene in Rambo 2. During the play, everything was great in making you feel that you are Rambo. For those who are sick of me blabbering about this game, go find it out at One Utama on the Entertainment Floor. Every game costs RM2 per play. Have fun!

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