Monday, December 08, 2008

Los Dan Faun: Movie Review

When was the last time I watched a good Malay movie... Hurm... Let's see... Mukhsin I believe. Yup. That's it. So now, step aside kiddo, Los Dan Faun has taken your glory away and it demands a 2nd watch. Honest. This is really good considering it's a Malay film.

Los and Faun are two good friends from Melaka (Klebang to be precise) looking for a job in KL. Little did they know Faun has an ability that makes him aware of where missing items can be found. Even more amazingly is how he can pin every single source onto the evidence located. Then came to a glitzing watch owned by Soffar al Sogood (yes, that's the name) which is missing and the wife wants the 2 to find it back. Trouble ensues as Faun couldn't use his ability anymore and begins a search to unravel more clues to the mystery of the missing watch.

What makes this story great is actually the pacing and the placement of the comedy. Almost every 5 minutes I saw myself bursting with laughter, and still the story manages to go through well. Some scenes do look a bit flawed and doesn't really hit most spots (as in general comedic terms for this country) but it's still a great achievement nonetheless.

I can tell you that my gf watched this for a 2nd time and still she laughs at the scenes. She didn't spoil much of the story for me, but still I was able to enjoy it, even if she did spoil it. It actually even begs for a 2nd watch not only because of the humor, but how the ending is all tied up and made sense. But still, some scenes could've been a little bit more obvious to keep the audience guessing, and still would manage to make the audience feel that some parts were left out by them.

The careful analysis of Faun makes this movie worth it. The insurance people also contributed greatly to how great this movie is. Erra Fazira, is typical Erra Fazira. Afdlin is a little bit on the scenes, but that's alrite, the depiction works.

You should watch this movie if you love a good laugh and great pacing. Honest. I'm watching it again later, so I don't give much of a damn either way. So, don't be afraid if you lost something, cuz Los Dan Faun can surely find it for you. :P


PakciQue said...

Babak menarik: Los dan Faun

* Ulasan Faun kepada Los tentang bagaimana dia boleh tahu yang dompet tokei kedai coli tu ada dalam tandas.
* Aksi pergaduhan antara Los dan Faun dengan Dick dan Amran di pejabat En. Sofaruddin.
* Aksi menggatal seorang makcik cleaner dengan Faun. [Macam arwah Ibu Yusni je.]
* Persembahan magik dari Serina Mysterina. [Mind Reading yang tak jadi, Silk to Cane, Magic Pan, Handcuff Trick.]
* Aksi stunt Los bergayut di helikopter. [Aksi ini adalah yang pertama bagi sebuah produksi Malaysia. Tapi yang ke-2 dilakukan di Malaysia. Yang pertama adalah Jackie Chan melalui filem Police Story 3.]

Los Dan Faun

Ahmad said...

Klebang? Man, I lived like 3 km away from the place!

Pure Raver said...

They choose a nice place for it though. :D