Monday, December 08, 2008

Bolt: Movie Review

I think we have a good year of animal movies this year. First we got Kung Fu Panda, which was very entertaining. Then you've got The Dark Knight (hey, he's a Bat technically. :P). And now, Bolt, something from Walt Disney that is in no relation of Pixar at all. And it's lovely.

Bolt is a "superdog". Well, that's what he think he is as the director puts him in the show where he stars as a great superhero. In reality though, he's just another dog as usual. He gets loss in New York and must find his way back to his person, Penny helped by Mittens, the cool cat of the alley and that damn pesky hamster that stole the show.

John Travolta, great. Miley Cyrus, great. The rest of the cast, great. The story was also not bad at all. Just that some scenes felt a little too awkward to watch. That damn hamster is awesome. All his scenes showed how mad a hamster can be. And it was really fun. The ending, typical but works.

The shots were done nicely. The CGI is also good, considering the fact this is not a Pixar movie. I'd say it's really a fund experience to just sit there, watch how awesome Bolt is and how cute he could really be. Most memorable would be the begging scene, and it was pure bliss.

Watch this. Watch it with your family and have a blast. I didn't get a chance to go for the 3D version, but it's already great for me to watch the normal version. And remember, the superbark is private and confidential. :P

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