Monday, March 30, 2009

The International: Movie Review

Wow. If only. If only Hollywood wouldn't come and mess things up, I'm pretty this is a great truth to be told. But sadly, I'm also pretty sure people would be bored out. this movie really relates a whole lot to me and what I stand for, and if you totally understand the whole context, you're left with something so grandeur that you'd try your best to get away from it.

The International Bank of Business and Credit is in charge of so many shady deals that its the biggest bank in the whole world to help with arms and munitions. Enter Louis Salinger, a man hell bent on taking the IBBC down. Along the way, twists continue to intertwine and make things a hell lot more worst.

The shots are subpar but the soundtrack is catchy. The plot however would bore people and the censorship can really just shove a foot up their arses. The action is ok though. But like I said, what really mesmerized me is how a reality is presented here. Yes, banks are evil. They don't deal with just arms and munitions. They do a whole lot more. The rest, is up to you to find out.

This movie is great if it got straight to the point on what this reality is about. Otherwise, it really is a miss.

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