Tuesday, March 03, 2009

KOF XII Confirmed for PS3& 360 July 2009!: PS3 & 360 News

Kotaku just reported of the trailer blazing in. So again, this is a definite answer to Kick Some Ass and on the PS3 too. I don't see any 360 logo around. So, we'll see what happens regarding the time exclusive. I'd be more interested to see the price point and the features of the game too. SNK Playmore had better go crazy considering Ignition Entertainment sweetened the deal of the KOF 98 Ultimate Match for the PS2 US version. owh, and that one has been released too.

A little update shows that Ignition just confirmed the arrival of KOF XII to PS3 and 360. Best part, its on July 2009. Not good for me as I intend to get my PS3 on August. :P

Play-Asia just got KOF 98 UM US Version in stock. Go crazy!

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Nicholas Leong said...

Another game that I can't get excited about :P

MORE HEAVY RAIN! :P Err I dont mean literally :P