Thursday, March 12, 2009

2009 to be Year of Fighting?: Game News

Many of us probably have sampled Street Fighter 4 on either the PS3, 360, or even at the Arcades. The upcoming would be in the PC versions. But is that the end of the games in the fighting genre that will be coming out? hell no. Lots more are coming on the way.

As I've hyped before, King Of Fighters XII is also on it's way, releasing on the 10th of April 2009. The console versions will also be coming soon in July for both 360 and PS3. If I remember correctly, it would be a US release, so make sure to book July for KOF XII if you're a fan. You'll be given a huge treat with the revamp system and gorgeous 2D graphics.

Another peculiar title coming after the launch of KOF XII is Blazblue. Many may not know what the game is about, but it's developed by those responsible for the fun Guilty Gear series. This game also brings in 2D graphics to the foray and since it's a new title, perhaps a different way of playing the game. We can only hope for the best.

And at the end of the year, you'd be pleased to know that Tekken 6 will be making its way to both PS3 and 360 consoles. The game will be based on the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion from the arcades meaning more subtle graphical touches and the inclusion of 2 new characters (Lars Anderson and Alexis Bosconovitch, if I got them both correct).

You just can't help but realize that the fighting genre is making a comeback after all those years of absence. Well ladies and gentlemen, polish your sticks. I can't wait to challenge you guys when the opportunity comes in. :)


iplaywinner said...

Not sure how I'm going to keep up with all these games coming out.. I want to get good at all of them but is it even possible!?

Pure Raver said...

getting good is only a matter of practice. and you know that very well already. :D

You've got RPGs and lots of actioners, just spend equal amounts of time and you'd be better than me in all aspects. :P

Nicholas Leong said...

Yay! Can save money :P

Pure Raver said...

Nick, what are you implying... :P