Thursday, March 05, 2009

Helghast Invades Earth, with cupcakes?: PS3 Ads

I guess I'm late in this advertisement, but thanks to Kotaku, I got my shot and I was laughing.

It was funny without a doubt, since the Helghast did come to invade, by giving us sugary goodness. I mean, cupcakes. Who doesn't love cupcakes? Ok some don't but still, it's cupcakes. With cute Helghast cream on it. It's so cute you could go for seconds. :P

The Helghast decided to scare some guys away, and the 0.32 minute was pure gold. It was also funny looking at the Helghast proposing to a Brotherhood of Steel and shoving Snake away. So yeah, this ad worked great to the press alrite and it certainly should charm others. So, watcha waiting for? A cupcake awaits with your Killzone 2 copy! I think... :P

PS: The guys at Guerilla could really add that cupcake in Multiplayer for some fun perks. :P

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