Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nintendo DSi: First Impressions

The Nintendo DSi is the 2nd revision of the popular Nintendo DS console (The First being Nintendo DS Lite.). So, with the DSi, some new perks were added. You get 2 new cameras on the front and inside the the DSi. I think the outside is 1.3 MP, and the inside is, well, much smaller. You also get an SD card slot for you to view pictures and listen to music. So yeah, there's that added support and then the DSiWare, small things that are downloadable to the DSi for you to poke fun with.

With the photo feature, snapping shots can be fun, and also mesmerizing. you can see yourself manipulate pictures you've taken in so many ways, but the best part would be that you could use the DSi also as a Digital Photo Frame, with slideshow features. The screen might be small, but it still does the job.

Then you got the music feature. You can record your voice and poke fun with it. Or, you could listen to music and tweak with that instead. So, it's a little DJ in your pocket if you like to think of that.

The DSiWare is like WiiWare, software made for the console and you can go and buy what game you desire if its available with Nintendo Points (Wii Points will be changed to that now). The better part of the DSi is that you could also finally surf online, without any Ram cart. Well, that is considering that the GBA slot, is now gone.

The DSi is coming to the states in Spring this year. But those eager to pick it up might find a piece at Play-Asia. But bear in mind it's in Japanese, so the language might give a problem. Have fun!


Nicholas Leong said...

Feel like having one. But no more GBA slot! What about my GBA games :(

Pure Raver said...

Not having a GBA slot is ok what. Besides, not that we don't own a DS Lite anyways. :P

bidfordun said...
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bidfordun said...

Both cameras are going to be 0.3mp only, dude!

Pure Raver said...

ya ka? No wonder. haha. :D