Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am Number Four: Exclusive Movie Review

After winning free movie tickets (Credits to Afdzal for giving me the opt. :D) to this movie, I was quite excited. Buzzes in the country were illuminated (pun intended) because of the special mention of Malaysia. But to tell you the truth, the Malaysia part was not even shown, just written. But back to the movie, this is not that bad of an attempt nor effort. Its quite good, even if you have to ponder certain things in this soon to be franchise movie. I hope.

Four is an alien from another planet. And the bad guys are chasing after him. There's 9 of them on Earth, and the Mogs are chasing them one by one. Weirdly, in order. Why? Don't ask because I have no idea. So with 3 dead, Four is now the focus. As he runs from... where did he run again from to Paradise, Ohio, he's constantly being hunted. Protected by his guardian Henri (Cool Timothy Olyphant), witnessed by unlikely friends Sarah (Quinn from Glee) and Sam (Dad went missing because of aliens), they are now on the run hoping to beat the Mogs out of Earth and further save their lives.

The movie is quite promising, and its not that bad of an effort. nitty gritty details can make you feel that its trying so hard to be a detailed movie (MJ's song that he watches you is the ringtone from Henri's calls), it leaves a lot to be answered. So you'd feel bad if you watched the movie for a story. Just grasp for a simpler premise of what is being established and you should be fine.

Shots were so so. Nothing astounding. Seems also to be borrowed by Assassin's Creed (I know how to "blend in". Puts up hoodie. and Leap of Faith). And other teenager elements that is really hit and miss. Nice job on photography segment, but still does not make you feel connected to the movie.

Score is so so also. So not much to hope for.

What bugs me is that the script is weak, the action choice is hampering (Super powered people against plasma guns. The heck?), the actors and actresses were not that inspiring (Sarah did not even have any interest in Four, AT ALL), writers did Smallville (Superman elements entirely visible), and questions did not answer that much. There's just so much left to for you to wonder that if you really did go in with high hopes, you may be horribly disappointed.

So leave your brains at the door and hope for the sequel to come. Or at least sleep in the first few bits and only wake up until the last bits. Your call.

Kyo's Score: 6.5/10. THANKING GOD IT IS FREE. :D

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'Or at least sleep in the first few bits and only wake up until the last bits. Your call.'