Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3: PS3 Game Review

Above is the cover for the Japanese version, and its much better than the US version. Lucky for R3 buyers, they get double cover. So we won in that respect. For the game however, its sort of a hit and miss.

Marvel Clashes Again With Capcom. This was a long time coming since fans have waited for 10 years for this to come out. Was done as an April Fool Joke also before. So when last year it was announced, everyone in the fighting community shat bricks.

What's good is that this game has 2 modes, offline and online. Offline having a few extras like arcade which gives you an ending, depending on which character you use to beat Galactus as the final boss. Mission mode where you get to practice combos and learn some new combos even. Training mode is, as it is. And versus for offline multiplayer.

I'm not sure where to start, so lets go with the players first. The fighters are all... ok. Some feel overpowered but its not a feeling of broken. You have guys like Thor being slow but supremely powerful, or even Dante and Wesker as S tiered characters. 36 of them (4 needs to be unlocked) are available in disc, but I can't help but feel that its just too low, considering how Capcom is intending to release more DLCs of characters soon. I always believed that if you want to make a game right, give us the full thing.

But the main issue is how battles are fought. You have 6 buttons. Light, Medium, Strong attacks, Specials to launch enemies for air combos, and partner 1 and 2 for assist. And it is WAY too easy to execute combos. Frankly, even Tatsunoko Vs Capcom is much harder than this. So its very easy to pick up and play, but mastering it may be a different question. But that being said, after playing this for a while you just know that you can master it in a short duration of time. Gone are the days where executing combos would be magnificent (MvC. No. Not even MvC 2.).

Also, my other gripe is the fact that the health bar feels too low for medium. MvC2 used to be much much longer. yeah, you can change, but it still does not take away the fact that the fights with your fave characters ends in 15 seconds if you're that good in exploiting.

Graphics are ok if you ask me. Nothing mesmerizing though. Music... is a hit and miss. While I love remixes from the characters (Iron Man and Cap America still reigns), the character select song left much to be desired. I think Capcom forgot this is not Street Fighter 4, but rather is MvC. Those 2 are very different where this is all about good fun.

But its not saying that this game is not fun. it just feels, cheap. Thank God for the low price of RM 130 though. If not, I may be screaming.

Good to have story endings where MvC2 lacked. but hated the fact that I know this game can pack a lot more stuffings, but Capcom decides not to.

Online is a problem. Some games just feels horribly laggy. The best part though, is that if you're having a laggy connection, you can train your input settings in Training mode. Quite nifty, but wait til you get a disconnect and then you're screwed.

It is a fun game, nonetheless. but there is much left to be desired. I feel like i have the same problem when i played KOF XII on PS3. There's just so much to be desired to put it on par with other older fighting games. Long time fans may find a bit of good time to be had, but new players may turn them off.

Kyo's Score: 7.5/10. This is what you get when you don't release a full game when it should be. There's just too much left to that you know Capcom is going to steal your money.

Graphics: Nothing extraordinary.
Story: There's an ending for every character. So beat them to know their story.
Gameplay: Leaves much to be desired although you can still have a good time with the normal fighting.
Replay value: 360 missions to complete, online fights, constant update of character DLCs, if you love this then you'll be here for a long... time. :D

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