Monday, February 14, 2011

Mr. And Mrs. Incredible: Movie Review

Been a while since I wanted to do a review. But at least this one deserves it. Filled with so nice moments and a very lovely and compatible on screen chemistry between Louis Koo and Sandra Ng, this movie totally gave me a nice moment. Its like watching The Incredibles, but without the kids. But sadly, the ending was not really up to the momentum built since the beginning.

You have Aroma Woman (Sandra Ng, actually the direct translation is Red something, but beats me on why its called Aroma Woman) and Gazer Warrior (Louis Koo) retiring in a peaceful village 10 years ago. They were 2 of the best superheros protecting China from domestic threats (Gazer Warrior at least. Aroma Woman was hell bent on protecting women around the world. haha). Until the whole of China developed into 2 factions and wanted the both of them to fight to see who's the best. They instead escaped, got married and here they are. Happy. But when an official wants to hold a tournament to unify the sects and disciplines of Martial arts, they become suspicious of the event. The two are forced out of retirement to fight against a bigger threat.

Now what made this movie truly lovable, was actually Louis Koo and Sandra Ng. Two superheroes, but facing problems as humans. But make no mistake, they are happy with each other. And never have they fought one another. Both understanding and communicating. Perhaps it sounds too unrealistic for a couple to be as such, but you could really sense their happiness. At least that's what I saw. Sandra Ng was being her usual confident borderlining confident female character she always has and I can't imagine another woman being able to take her role. Louis Koo was charming as usual so there's no complaint with that.

The movie touches on many of the parts of the perfect married life. And how double teaming with your partners brings the best result. OF course there's conflict from everyone around you, but hey, as long you have your partner, all is good.

The other lovable thing were the parody of crimes done. Bank robbery with a modern steel vault in historic China. It makes you wonder who stole who's idea at times. Also, remember how you signal for Batman in Gotham? Well, in China, they do it with lanterns. Yup. Lanterns. The ones where you write wishes on. Even haggling for a house is very entertaining.

The script does a wonderful job to pull the two together. The shots were done nice. Occasional CG was used to make it feel like its a comic superhero thingy going on, but does its job.

The only hampering part was that the ending was a little of a letdown. Its typical, but it does not give a feeling and a sense of satisfaction seeing as the pieces that fall into the plot is a little uneven.

Its a weird choice of a movie for Valentine's, but I highly recommend it if you want to see how lovable the two can be. But that would be your only focus for the movie. Everything else, meh.

Kyo's Score: 7/10. Thank God a good Chinese movie. FINALLY.

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