Monday, February 14, 2011

No Strings Attached: Movie Review

Friends with Benefits. That's a much milder term. Did you know such a thing happens also in Malaysia? Well, it does and it is a little creepier. Then again, blame the Malays for being rude and thinking free sex is a good idea. Both men and women. But going back to the movie, it does not really do a good job.

There's Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher with a young chick. :P). Two friends. Who Adam has basically tried to finger and get in a date with for... I think its 14 years. Well, after his ex girlfriend is now with... his dad, he runs into a drunk rampage, goes of passing out in front of Emma and ends up sleeping with her. And that happened after he woke up. Which is awkward. So the two agree to be sex buddies without emotional attachment. But seriously, that does not happen. And so was its typical ending.

Much about the movie is all about exploring weird ideas. Like, playing 99 Problems from Jay-Z into Country music. Or Don't Cha in some El Mariachi Mexico trumpet style. Or carrots instead of flowers for a date. Shaved carrots. Yeah. I know.

The script is bland though. Music is awkward. haha. Shots is typical. But you ask yourself certain questions that you don't want to face. In the end, the idea is to ask yourself " Do you want to get hurt in a relationship or not?". And that's it.

Not good. But if you're watching for Ashton, then maybe its ok lah. Not that bad.

Kyo's Score: 3/10.

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Eleena said...

damn, thought of watching it because of Natalie Portman.. oh well, love stories sucks anyway ;-).. But i love her in Brothers.