Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Gamers Hideout Debate

I've been looking and reading at how much people have lamented, talked, bashed, raved, criticized various game shops for their con tactics and high price points. Of course, one of the shops mentioned would be Gamers Hideout, which besides getting great feedback from Xbox 360 gamers, are also getting kicked out by a bunch of gamers. Main reason, price point. I think it's time I clarify certain things about businesses that people should understand about.

Why GH has to sell higher than the other local game shops? Lets see. First, people believed that it is in Damansara. So, in other words, Damansara is a great place for high rental payments. The truth, not exactly. KLCC is much worst. Heck, Sg Wang is also a bad place to begin with in terms of rental. So, how is that them shops in Sg Wang can go cheaper, while GH is still darn expensive? a good way to answer this is to check the shopping malls itself on the rental, and we'll get to other factors later.

So, rental is taken cared off. Let me present the next reason, the layout. Honestly, if any of you have been to GH, you will know that they now have 2 shops, and the layout is nowhere near functional. It's classy. It's like going to Chilli's and having your meal there. Or maybe Chicken Rice Shop compared to a normal Nasi Ayam store. If you look at other game shops, it's so functional that every single placement of the items are made to advertise every single peripheral you could think off. For GH, it feels that you're tempted to ask if they have a demo at the moment that you can try out (Which they actually have til next month on Street Fighter 4).

My last point would actually be a bit surprising, but it is my main point. It is GH's direction of choice. If you know, it means that you've been supporting their call for Original Gaming only. No modified consoles, no piracy crap. It's all legit. heck, buying a 360 from them nets you the awesome 3 year Microsoft support from RROD. That's great rite? Well, not for some gamers. You see, when comparing back to local game shops, ask yourselves are those shops going for Original Gaming only? Or you actually see them selling pirated DVDs that are so easily obtainable once more in the country? Sure, they sell PS3 originals, so, what about 360s? What about Wiis? owh I see, only hot titles. So, could you find me Ninja Blade then? (Bernard Moh got it though). It's hard and especially when those shops can easily profit 3 fold from the original suppliers price that they incur. By not selling an item, or jacking its price up, the problem comes with how tough a battle is being fought between GH and the local game shops.

My lecturer once told me that he was willing to pay extra price on a place that serves great service to its customers compared to some hypermarket Hi and Goodbye service. I believe in that. Some gamers think that GH's service is bad upon first impressions and so on. This is one aspect they can improve actually. Consumers have grown up and becoming more price sensitive. The only option left is to make sure that you give great service and great support. So, wherever you go, consider things carefully before you simply judge and point. Besides, the best answer always comes from the man himself. So, why not just open that mouth and ask them instead?

PS: I used to travel to GH once and wanted to sample Rock Band. The long haired guy (Sorry dude, not sure which one are ya. :D) smiled and had to decline. I understood it but still I found it great to just visit there and ask away. Also, don't forget I'm selling too. :P


Nicholas Leong said...

The price point argument is moot. If its expensive, don't buy. No one forces them to buy. I don't know why must people be price police.

If I am willing to pay the price GH ask for, then so be it.

Pure Raver said...

Human nature nick. Apparently if people are not satisfied, they spit out rumors around the world without even confronting the real problem first.

That's why I made it clear. Even if people are so price sensitive, they never have any problems asking on why people can sell it so cheap, but they never seem to ask the shops itself why they sell it so expensive.

Jason Lee said...

I'm a cheap ass gamer and when it comes to GH, well, any business would wanna make a profit. They are not charity cases. But because the prices are higher than what I pay I would like to pay for, I'll just take my shopping elsewhere. Mahal tak yah beli la, tok sah complain.

Pure Raver said...

Hell yes.

Did I give a great service? :P

Jason Lee said...

Haha..harga boleh turn lagi ke taukeh?

Nicholas Leong said...

Haven't bought anything from you yet :P Service tak baik kerana tak nak balik ambik stok :P

Pure Raver said...

@Nick, stock lambat datang lah. :P

@jason, for u, I try my best. personal delivery to klang. :P but now have to put in a mandatory RM10 profit margin lah, cannot like last time RM5, ate my minyak motor. :(