Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP: A shocking reveal

How do you play a guitar without actually holding a guitar? Simple. By buying a PSP and then purchasing Rock Band Unplugged. What started as a joke by Gamespot last year turned into reality just recently and is beginning to creep me out. Its announcement was the only thing to be had at the moment.

But some sources have said that the game would be played using the face buttons and you could change the instruments on the fly during a song. Perhaps a DDR approach of the face buttons would work. I guess the only instrument that seems in tact would be the Mic on the PSP 3000.

On a smaller fry note, Assassin's Creed and Little Big Planet are also making their way to the PSP exclusively. Well well, PSP ain't that dead after all eh?

The ketchup:

Never heard of the predecessor games? Go to Play-Asia for more!


Nicholas Leong said...

So, instead of rehashing PS2 games, they now do it with PS3 games.

Pure Raver said...

Well, the PSP, as far as people are concerned, is almost dying if they don't do something quick to counter NDSi's coming assault.

So, yes, rehashing them once again alrite.