Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ong Bak 2: Movie Review

What a disappointment. And here I was thinking that the trailer was great, and yet I've been given a story that was so weak that in the end the audience was still sitting on their seats, probably asking themselves what the hell happened. Suffice to say, a huge letdown.

I went for this movie with my gf before she flew back to Aussie. The movie stories about Tian, a descendant from loyalty that was outcast by some rebels and decided to take revenge back after he grew in a group of bandits. To spoil the story, in the end he found out who actually killed his father and was tortured to death.

Action, great. But I still had gripes to it, but I need to get to somewhere else. The acting, ok and not bad. But the plot and story is so horrible that I was just left gazed out. The only thing in my head was regret and I want a refund. And this is coming from how nice Ong Bak actually was and the 2nd was a letdown. Ok, enough with that.

On the action side, I was actually hoping Tian to be a strictly Muay Thai fighter. Apparently, the people who raised him also had a Japanese Samurai and some Chinese Kung Fu Masters that helped him develop more arts. Sounds good? It is, but it breaks his identity, especially since the setting is when we can still call it as Siam. The sound is ok, but the props were amazing. My gf liked the settings and so did I. I liked how the props was done and how everything looked great.

A minor setback is on the heroin. There was no significant of why she even needed to be in this film. And she needs to be more stable. Couldn't the director have used wires to help her instead?

Overall, watch the movie if you want to see some Muay Thai fighter going all out in various other martial arts. But you can sleep when they narrate the whole story. Trust me, it's better that way.


Nicholas Leong said...

Didn't find Ong Bak enjoyable so this was a must-skip-movie for me :P

Pure Raver said...

I would have stomached this if I could, but I tried so bad that I'd just hate this movie.

but I do recommend the first for an ok story.