Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Street Fighter 4: PS3 and 360 Impressions

Hiyah! I'm ready for my big debut again!

I love fighting games. In my name also you can see how I love referring to 2 characters from the King Of Fighters series. So, how should I feel about Street Fighter 4 (SF4) coming in the way? At first, excited. And then, skeptical. But now, I've brushed off my feelings and understood that this is something that I can be really excited about, and the past generation of the SF2 crowd would also be too.

Though the title says Street Fighter 4, the game's events actually took place after SF2 and before SF3. So, would it be a prequel to SF3? I don't think so, because I've never seen the endings yet. But the idea is no doubt an exciting one, and we hope that some questions raised in SF3 like who is Remy's father and so on will be answered in SF4.

Presenting! Brokeback Fighters!

The graphics is actually homage. When people saw it for the first time, they were screaming their lungs because it is 3D. In actuality, it's still 2D. From here, I started calling this SF2 for the next gen. And I'll support that with the system too. The gameplay itself is actually a charm. And it is very much based on the classic SF2 style. Put someone in the corner and blast at them away. Cancel and stun them and make sure the combo strings never end. The depth of SF2 combo system is back and this time it marks a huge step for presenting an old system in a new generation. I'd also say it's a big gamble.

You've got new characters and a new boss to boot besides the original world champion cast. The console versions will have more fighters in them from the Alpha/Zero series. The new cast includes Crimson Viper, a super hot sexy spy that fights with weapons (Something like Malin from KOF), Abel is a mixed martial artist who might have a grudge against Guile, is from France and loves swinging people around, El Fuerte is homage to a Luchador, a mexican wrestler and we've got Rufus, where it seems that the trend is to bring in fat fighters who are agile. (I also love Sammo Hung. :P) The boss this time is Seth, a weapons director from Shadowloo who seems to be more powerful than M. Bison in which he can even copy other fighters moves.

I know I've used Ryu many times already but I love the guy!

The soundtrack is lovely. It's another remix along with new tracks to suit this gen and it really sounds cool. The costumes are well done, but the alternate costumes can give you some headaches too. The only thing left is to see how well the online play is, the tutorial, the depth of gameplay and how everything ties up.

I truly believe this is SF2 remade for the next gen. It's already a fighting game that is well made and feels really charming when you can have that experience on your hands. I end my post with this video by a Sean Gilley, who's way too pro with Guile in Street Fighter 4. I'd love to fight him someday when I get the chance. :D

Street Fighter 4 is definitely mouth watering to me. So how about you? Pre-Orders from me are at RM240, still tentative for both consoles or get them also from Play-Asia!

Street Fighter 4 PS3 R3 Normal Edition with Bonus DVD!
Street Fighter 4 XBOX 360 NTSC-J Normal Edition with Bonus DVD and Calendar! (No fair! :P)
Street Fighter 4 PS3 R1 Collectors Edition!


Jimmy Najib said...

Am tempted to get this, but I am afraid of that SC4 effect..you know..excited for a week then pooooof!! it sits snugly only shelf, only played when my in laws are around..

Pure Raver said...

Bro jimmy! How are ya now?! :D

ya, i can understand that. There's not really much entertainment actually in fighting games unless you tell yourself that its almost similar to football. Besides, fighting one on one against another guy from another part of the world can get a little tiring after a while.