Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Red Cliff Part 2: Movie Review

It is amazing what this movie is. Epic, of course. But the sheer beauty comes from all the ensuing war going around you. Yet, even when the ending was presented somewhat softer than a big bang, the real gripe came from how everything tried to tie up, with everything to be said and told.

The Part 2 of this story continues immediately after the ending of the first. The successful Tortoise formation has given the people at Red Cliff hope to further press on. History wrote that the clear winner was the forces of Zhou Yu along with the Sun and Han factions. So, there you go. I spoiled it for ya.

But the story shouldn't have to be the main focus, its the sweat and labor that John Woo has given to make sure how this movie succeeds on conveying the right message. And it did. War never had any winners to begin with. Even the defending side loss, not because they had managed to repel the attack, but rather the loss of friends and family, all because of war. This is something that the world should understand, that war has never brought any good to anyone. It only ends with pain and suffering.

The script shines this time. The jokes were lesser though. But that's alright. the 80 Million project has given me a chance to not only appreciate the beauty of war, but also to find sadness from what it has given. So much bloodshed and slaughter makes a man question himself why should war even be necessary? I haven't felt something like that since Saving Private Ryan. Don't get me started about Miracle at St Anna. Spike Lee did a great job, but it's message is something else.

This movie is a great ride for me, with improved scripting of course. Those who've watched the first should not miss this at all. Those who missed the first should find the copy immediately before watching this movie for fear of lack of understanding towards what has happened. Today, the allies are united. Tomorrow, they shall be enemies. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is an epic tale indeed. And this movie has achieved just that.

The first movie, Red Cliff Part 1 can be obtained through Play-Asia in the forms of a 2 DVD Disc Set and in Blu Ray.

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