Thursday, February 12, 2009

The King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match: PS2 Bring The PAIN!

64 guys in 1 game. BRING THE PAIN!

Remember my previous review on the Japanese version of KOF 98 UM? Well, in case if you forgot, it's right here. So what is this post about? Well, it's the US version now!

But is there a review for it? Course not. Apparently, I don't have the copy yet since it's not even released yet. But, there's something very interesting in this trailer that I wanted to show you all at the 50th Second.

So, exclusive footage of KOF XII eh? So, here's what I'm gonna start thinking.

1. KOF XII might come to the PS3 as an exclusive or time exclusive. The time exclusive is because the Xbox 360 also has KOF 98 UM in their arcade list (which is releasing on March in Japan, not sure about Asian or US versions). It'd be great to know if the exclusive footage, is new gameplay footage, system explanation, move list video which would be great if you asked me.

Yes! Your shoe laces are untied!

2. KOF XII is continuing tradition with Online Play. But if it's possible, can they upgrade the system that Virtua Fighter 4 gave light to? I mean, Tekken and SF has copied the same techniques by giving rankings to people based on experience points and how many matches have been played, but I want to see something improve further since SF4 has unlockable costume which each grade. Make KOF XII much more deeper SNK PLAYMORE!

I am honestly a happy guy, serious. And I just I had the extra cash to fork out for this game. So, we'll see whether Guitar Hero: Metallica wins my attention, or this one first. :P

Also can't wait like me? Pre-Order from Play-Asia now! Releases March 9th 2009!


Nicholas Leong said...

I wish I share your excitement but fighting games are ugh :P

hahahaha now can we have Heavy Rain pls?

Pure Raver said...

Dun worry bout it. I don't share ur enthusiasm with football, but it's alright with me. :P

Let's see... If there's enough coverage on Heavy Rain, then I would do it soon if my schedule is ok with it. :P

Nicholas Leong said...


*disgruntled reader* :P

And you can delete the comment from toephotos, thats me :P

Jason said...

Yo taukeh, are you bringing in Street Fighter IV (PS3)?

@Nicholas: The origami killer game izzit?

Pure Raver said...

Bringing, both Malaysian and Singapore suppliers. But not sure about stock availability now.