Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I could wish for in KOF XII: KOF XII Impression

AOU 2009 had just taken place. With it, KOF XII has been given a demo test of it (Although location tests have begun long ago). So, I am pumped no doubt. It is basically the only game successful on keeping my passion alive for games. So based on the videos on Youtube, I'll be explaining why and what is going on this time.

The story begins after the events of KOF XI. For those who have played the previous game, they will understand that endings had taken place (Aside from the very beautiful anime screens that were shown in each ending) as how Ash Crimson wanted them. He has successfully stolen the Kagura Mirror (used to trap Orochi) and then Iori's purple flame. And as you would expect, Iori in this game would be flameless. 20 fighters are stepping into the ring to fight once again 3 on 3 style, but what events will really unfold? And will Orochi be reborn, again?

The graphics is drop dead gorgeous. Of course, in the case of 2D fighters, some people prefer to stick to traditional things (CoughsSF4Cough). KOF XII was designed beginning with creating character models in 2D. They were then transported into 3D images. Once that was done, it was redrawn again in 2D using the 3D images that was captured. The result feels like an anime that you control. And however it goes, this anime is yours to show.

The gameplay system is also given a revamp. The Max gauge is now only a long gauge that is charged by executing attacks (bummer on not being able to charge). The system also introduces a critical counter gauge. Whether you get attacked or attacking, the gauge will fill up until its full. When it is full, it will begin to deplete, and you have some shots at executing the critical counter. When you do a counter, you can begin a sequence of combo attacks that will be very punishing when mastered. The system gives a nod to the old, and still brings something new to the foray.

You've got 20 fighters and they are ready to duke it out. This is by far the lowest character count in a KOF game. The original 94 also had 24 if I'm not mistaken. But still, looking at the amount of time used to create and revamp the game, it makes sense that it would take a long time and looks to be a fresh beginning to a great game.

I'm praying down that this games comes to the PS3 and Xbox 360 this year. I know that the arcade version is launching in April 10th, 2009 in Japan, and I'm also praying that TKAWorld has decency to bring it to Singapore and Malaysia. I need it bad!

On another note, here's what I think I would like to see in KOF XII for the console version.

1. Online Play. Duh, I've already talked about this before.
2. Custom costumes. I'd be happy to see Iori in his old threads again. Or even Athena in all her previous costumes (She has more than 10.)
3. Character challenge mode. Street Fighter EX pioneered this one. It was really fun and enjoyable watching yourself practice the move over and over again that it was just fun executing the combo. Although I liked KOF's Mission mode, this mode would give each character a lesson for us to master them.
4. Backstory on missing characters. We need to know what happened to them other 30 so characters that were not present. We need an official story SNK Playmore. And we need it stat.
5. A new way of Online ranking. You know, something that may have adoption towards what Killzone 2 has delivered (ie new perks and so on).
6. Game customization. This was gone after 98. I had fun actually messing around with hidden life and power bars, messing with the defense level, so on and so forth. It shouldn't hurt by giving us that sort of power right?

So SNK Playmore and Ignition Entertainment, please listen to my small requests and make this game worth it. I know there are English VAs assigned for the characters in this game, signalling a very very very soon coming of this game to the consoles. I'll be waiting to pounce on people for sure.

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