Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3: PS3 My Thoughts

The Yakuza series is actually a game that is similar to the Dragon Quest series. It's such a huge hit in Japan but in the US, less than mild. Well, low strength of marketing is a very big thing, and the game was really booming from the land of the rising sun. So, it wasn't surprising to see that a 3rd sequel is to come in, considering how the game gives you so much to do (which on other words, translates into a spiritual sequel to Shenmue) and also presents such a great story as it unfolds. I've taken my sweet time to watch the 20 minute Tokyo Game Show footage that was presented and showcased a whole lot of good stuff.

IGN did a coverage on the game recently and they were really positive about the game. The next move is to have it ported and translated into English so that even I may understand. Either way, the story this time still revolves on Kazuma Kiryu, but he would now be in Okinawa opening a orphanage with Haruka, a little girl who is close to uncle Kazzy during the first 2 games. But after a political and yakuza joint forced Kazuma to react, he must now return to Kamimurocho to settle things once and for all for his orphanage.

So the story has always been top notch. I'd say, on par with the Infernal Affairs series in terms of excitement and unfolding the mystery. It's not GTA, since you're more as a detective in this game. The game throws you with so many to do, so interact with girls, eat, drink, and this time, sing karaoke, play new minigames, so on and so forth. And the fight system is also given a makeover. Some thugs coming at you? Perform a quick action prompt and you might just dish some damage and start the battle with you having an advantage. Miss and suffer. There is no loading between transitions. Yes, no loading. And that is definitely spectacular.

One of the nifty things I realized was how Kazuma can learn certain moves through observations. Observe someone getting harassed? learn how he or she counters it and you just got yourself a new move. The graphic is of course upgraded, and I must say, it is a wow.

Fans have been waiting for the game for quite a while after Kenzan was released. Now it's the 3rd chapter in the modern times and I'm seriously hoping this comes out in English. Even an European release is great. :D

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 released on 27th February 2008. Wow, so close to Killzone 2 eh? But that's because Killzone 2 is coming out on March in Japan. So, get yours from Play-Asia now!

Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 PS3 R3 Japan


Nicholas Leong said...

Hrmm need to find myself a copy of cheap Yakuza and Yakuza 2 :P

Pure Raver said...

hahaha. Go get em! :P

And get one for me too. :P

Jimmy Najib said...

I really hope they will have AT LEAST a translated version of the game. The last two were awesome, and this..phiewww!! really reminds me of shenmue *looks for my old DC*

Pure Raver said...

true dat. I remember someone said that you could get it in Europe if there's no US release. So, we'll see how it goes later.