Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Killzone 2 Massacre Case

In case of fire, do not put out Adam. :P

Wow. This is definitely a wow. How many times have you see a guy get so angry over the fact that PS3 has a really great game for the core players? Of course, never. And the guy in mention, is Adam Sessler, G4TV's host for the popular X-Play show that used to circulate in Astro.

So, what's the problem and why does it actually garner my post in my blog? Simple. When was the last time you heard someone who's quite famous that decided to go mad and crazy over the fact of how immature people actually are? Well, I can't think of any, but, at this crucial time where 2009 seems to be packed with so much excitement, this happens. Wii's getting more hardcore titles, and the PS3 is getting more games that are craving for others attention, and they've got it. Apparently, 10 year old sensitive fangirls (Yes, I refer them now to as a bunch of girls) are apparently scared. So scared that they taunt and speak in the internet like no tomorrow.

We're so close to the quality man! But that's probably ok. :P

What for? I mean, seriously, why not just let the PS3 have a great game, and you play yours? Are you jealous that you don't have enough dough to buy the game and the console? Then save up! If you've always wanted to buy 1 console for 1 gen only, then sell the other one and buy it! What's so hard about? I hear so many excuses, yet people just don't see a real workaround to it. Go find your friends, beg from your parents, bla bla bla bla bla. And all that you don't even need to resort to piracy.

Hey! I can see blood on the floor!

The human emotion is actually very simple to conquer if you have that will for it. Apparently, them fangirls can't handle it. One of the best moments i heard in the clip was about the VO one. What the heck? It's a VO. They sound pretty excited or normal to me. Compare it to other games that were also 5 star. I don't see no difference because it's their job. And paying people? What the heck? And trust me, I love the response to that. It serves a great benchmark to all and every single comment that includes something about paying people.

Don't stop shooting! Their AI's too good!

I too wait for the day when people desire to discuss normally among one another. I mean, seriously, I can't really have a decent discussion with those people. I do like the fact that when I was discussing about RE5, people were replying in good manners and we all got along. I had my gripes, and some of them agree to it. Others do disagree but we realized that it's a matter of preference in the end, and we're good about it. Now, if you'll excuse me, rather than see a bunch of people flame me, I'm gonna have my lunch and still save up for my PS3 and Killzone 2 purchase in the future.

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