Friday, February 13, 2009

Heavy Rain: PS3 Impressions

A stupid subtitle, or a mega conspiracy? We'll wait and see.

In 2006, Quantic Dream presented PS3 fans with a technical demo of the game. The purpose? To show off what the heck the PS3 can do. Apparently, it was not enough. Gamers wanted a hands on with the game, so it's pretty much not possible, since it was still in the stages, but Heavy Rain should really whet up some appetites with it's gorgeous visuals considering after how great Indigo Prophecy did before.

So, how far would you go to save someone that you love? In reality, parents would die for their children, lovers can do almost everything to save their loved ones. In this game, it's made to tell you how and what should you do, in a situation like that. Quantic Dream apparently is going to give that experience where every single decision made, can lead to a fatal outcome.

In this game, based on the previews, you're a journalist. Apparently, the game would start out with you at a home trying to investigate what happened. This is the fun part. Investigate how you see fit and everything would happen in real time. In the demo, it's raining (giving some sense to the title), and the protagonist is trying to investigate. So, if it were you, how would you do it? Well, you can picklock the back door, try the window, or enter the garage first, anything makes a big thing. Quantic Dream wanted this game to feel like it was like stretching a rubberband. The more you stretch it, the more you get out of it. Or maybe, like reading a Goosebumps story, where careful picking leads you to the end of the real thing. Make some wrong moves, and walah, you're ended with something shorter or lesser info is being revelead.

Owh my Lord is this water realistic?

The demo ended with the protaganist escaping from a certain man who lived in the house she was investigating, and so far, it's been dry ever since. The visuals may be very beautiful, but we really need more stuff to help us out here. I'm very much anticipating this, considering how Indigo Prophecy was a major influence to my liking of game oriented movie. Only you control the ending, so end it with style.

PS: Play-Asia doesn't have this yet obviously, but to Nick Leong, I hope you're happy! :p


Nicholas Leong said...

Lol thanks but I want exclusive screens! :P

Pure Raver said...

I'd need the support of Quantic Dream and Sony to help me with that. :D